Superconscious Records is a name commonly associated with the finest and liveliest Australian electronic music to grace club basements and home turntables alike. Headed by producers Francis Inferno Orchestra and Fantastic Man, it’s been a one-stop-shop for those in the know looking for crude yet quality recordings of busted and blunted house, techno and rave musings. Plugging in to their 13th release is Repetentes 2008, a Brazilian producer touting an already impressive catalogue with appearances on Future Times, PAN, and his very own imprint, 40% Foda.

Listening to ‘Acavalcan Ritmos’ is sort of like stomping along to the sound of a Super Mario Kart 64 cart glitching out on your game emulator of choice: bursts of speed, jazz-fusion drum fills and deep chords are all mangled together with hardware sputters, audio ghosts and 16-bit flickers of mushrooms and blue shells. A hurky-jerky ride through the Kalahari Desert that makes you wonder if you’ve already won the race or are only on your first lap. It doesn’t seem to matter though, as this is a release that keeps your foot on the gas well past the out-of-bounds.

Galaxia Fini is out September 6th on Superconscious Records – pre-order here.

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