Roza Terenzi and Kalahari Oyster Cult have been furnishing fans of leftfield dance music with heater after heater for more than a minute. In what seems a can-do-no-wrong vein of form, the former mostly peddles perfumed breaks and peak-time ordnance, while the latter has graced the shelves of record stores with releases from the likes of Flora FM, Too Smooth Christ and A Psychic Yes. Terenzi is no stranger to the Amsterdam-based label either: the Mwah EP dropped back in 2018, and then there was a remix for DJ Trance & Darwin Chamber, but her cameo on the latest Kalahari emission marks a welcome return.

The subject of Terenzi’s remix comes courtesy of ReptantLKR Records founder and acolyte of reptilian magnetism. Where the original augments neck-snapping electro with darting bleeps and soaring, space-age synth work reminiscent of Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’, she tackles it through the prism of dub and prog house. It straddles a line between tripped-out and life-affirming, complete with the breakbeats that fast became the Australian’s trademark.

Phasic Reflex is out June 10th on Kalahari Oyster Cult | Pre-order here

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