Shadowy figures lurk in dark corners of the densest jungles, performing ancient shamanic rituals and summoning spirits. Huddled in a circle beneath the impenetrable canopy of branch and leaf, acolytes of the Cosmic Rhythm illuminate the gloomy wilderness armed with humid pads and bewitching synth leads. Emerging from the undergrowth comes the debut 12″ from the Italian imprint: a four-track release where bucolic sensibility mingles with ancient mysticism, courtesy of joint founder, Rhythm Of Paradise aka Michele Lamacchia.

Title track ‘Paradise’ also happens to be the opener, suitably setting the tone for the subsequent three tracks. Gusts of iridescent synth blow through the mangroves, the homespun drum patterns and thick bass tones are just punchy enough to anchor the floaty melodies and rainforest ambience draws you further into the tropical environment Rhythm Of Paradise calls home.

The Paradise 12″ is out on September 10th – pre-order from Redeye.

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