Forthcoming on Melbourne’s Analogue Attic Recordings, Rings Around Saturn (aka Rory McPike, Dan White) treats us to the second instalment of his Erosion EP series. The release follows hot on the back of AAR releases from the likes of Udmo, and most recently label owners Albrecht La’Brooy’s Eventide EP. Offering three lengthy, subterranean cuts of varying flavours, we’re led from the reverb drenched ‘Aeolian’, named for the greek god of wind, to the frost ridden, 16 minute Philip Glass-like granular loop composition of ‘Glacial’.

Standout dance track of the EP, ‘Biological’ presents six minutes of bottomless rave as arpeggiating bass synths suggest 303s without ever going full acid – the bass tone growls for the entirety of the track while syncopated drip drop synths provide the counter melody. Blasts of white noise remind of nightclub smoke machines and alongside manipulated bird calls contributes to the humidity and density of the tracks overall soundscape.

Erosion Part 2 is out February 17th on Analogue Attic – pre-order the vinyl here

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