More good news from Oz – Sydney locals Outer Time Inner Space have a new compilation series impending. Seeking to “explore music for modern age, framed through lens of music past,” the first instalment delivers us a deep wedge of ambient red rock steppers and dubby loops, unhurried and heady.

OTIS, responsible for some similarly geared drum & bass/deep house cuts over the last couple of years, began life as a record shop in Sydney before moving online to cope with soaring rent costs and an ineffectual city council. Their recurring Sweet Echoes parties lends a firm hand in supporting the city’s burgeoning underground/experimental scene, and has welcomed Severed Heads, Nite Fleit, Ben Fester & Noise In My Head, along with pillars of the label Jon & Hugh, to control for an evening.

The compilation series, also named Sweet Echoes, is built of familiar Oz countrymen; Sleep D, Low Flung, Midnight Tenderness – and also Rhythm Section’s Mali (turning out a superb version with fluttering Pablo-esque melodica dashes). We’ve got a track from Rings Around Saturn, AKA 2200 AKA Dan White, acolyte of Analogue Attic, brokntoys and Butter Sessions. ‘Ghosts Of Bookar’ is downcast, codeine dub, more HIA than Tubby, closer to Sandoz than Sabres. Whirling digi runs trundle and ping over the stomping rhythm, whilst gently trippy percussive bursts spiral in and out of the audio field. The rest of the record reaches for different incarnations of machine dub, somewhere between slowed nocturnal hypnogogic ritual and soundsystem weight.

Sweet Echoes Vol. 1 is out November 28th on Outer Time Inner Space – pre-order the vinyl here.

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