River Yarra, AKA everyone’s favourite half-man/half-frog, returns. Leaping with purpose from Antinote’s waxy lilypad of Antinote into fresh waters, the croakstep extraordinaire now sets up at Music In Exile, a new Australian initiative aiming to create space for fledgling and established artists working in culturally or linguistically diverse communities.

Joining dots between disparate scenes, the latest round in Music in Exile’s ‘REMIXED’ chamber sees Ausecuma Beats reinterpreted by the Frog-Man himself. The A-side cut flexes a Chaucerian cut complete with djembe and a Maninkan tongue speaking on the corrupting influence of power and riches, but our track is dedicated to fellow denizens of the garden: the gnomes. Paying tribute to beings known by some as ‘earth elementals’, the diminutive yet mighty ‘Gnome Broth’ flaunts River Yarra’s signature palette of minimalist squelch while leaving ample room for trembling vocals and amphibious bass stabs to get cosy together in the vacuum.

Keleh (River Yarra’s Situationist Rework) is out July 24th on Music In Exile | Pre-order here

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