Following output from label-mates Innershades, Walrus, his own collaborative project, SHIN, and most recently, AM Unit, Robin De Wolf AKA Robert D is back on 9300 Records, offering up 3 eclectic original tracks, with an Interstellar Funk remix on the flip. Due this April in a limited vinyl run of 300, De Wolf’s EP is a versatile piece of wax from the fist-pump techno of A2’s ‘Dommel’ to the uplifting house soundscape of opener, ‘Un Ni Yo’.

B1 cut ‘White’s Wisdom’ begins with a pulsing Italo bass lick reminiscent of Mr Flagio’s ‘Take A Chance’. A thick coating of flange covers the ascent and descent of the bassline as high timbered air siren-like synths fill and elevate the upper registers. 4×4 kick work and a hearty snare lay the ground work for joyful Yazoo-esque ’80s synth horns that invoke the soundtracks of 16-bit gaming systems. Those elements eventually make way for a breakdown of spoken word vocals before De Wolf builds the cosmic soundscape back to its ultimate crescendo.

The Lost Legacy Tracks EP is out April 24th on 9300 Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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