When it rains this hard at the rave it must surely pour without an umbrella in sight. Rapidly returning to wax after class outings via Budget Cuts Records and Tapes and their very own imprint, Eternal Oceans, marine mammalian Robin Lohrey continues a subaquatic journey within the Ronan moniker. This time they bring the thunder to key electronics label of the moment, Planet Euphorique.

Strung together on Dream Portal are certified club-fusion rollers created during a brief stint in Bogota, Columbia. Displayed on the dash is Lohrey’s exceptional ear for melding together the classic timbres and murky headspace of Detroit electro and techno along with the furtive momentum and giddy thump of 150+ BPM rave peakers.

‘Crystal Viewer’ is the best of both worlds. With plenty of space to swim in, a propulsive snare section and beatdown 808 drags the ecstasy-numbed dancer further into a trench of euphoria and mind-body unity. Simply wet.

Dream Portal is out September 23rd on Planet Euphorique – pre-order here.

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