Melbourne label Butter Sessions recently celebrated 10 years with a bumper 3-disc compilation. Assembling 22 artists from Australia and abroad, it has proven a definite introduction for the uninitiated, presenting an array of sounds that oscillate between techno, ambient, dub and more. Label founders Sleep D even state that “if there was a definition for the Butter Sessions sound of ten years in the making, the answer lies here”.

Borne out of a decade spent pushing a leftfield kind of dance music characteristic of their local underground scene, the compilation cherrypicks artists that have helped propel Butter Sessions to the status of Melbourne institution. It’s by far the most prominent collective to emerge from this part of the world in the past 10 years. Butter Sessions is a jewel in the crown of Australia’s dance music lineage, and it paved the way for many: the likes of Furious Frank and Cale Sexton owe it to the label for giving them their first breaks.

Straight electro-stabbing magma, Roza Terenzi‘s contribution consolidates an enrapturing leftfield cut with weighty low-end dynamics sure to set any dancefloor alight.

10 Years of Butter Sessions is out now | Buy it here

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