Forthcoming on Perth’s Good Company Records, debut artist Roza Terenzi, AKA Katie Campbell, offers up a trio of genre-bending deep cuts, with Jayda G cooking up a piano-heavy mega mix on the B2. Following releases from Tourist Kid & Phil stroud, GCR007 takes influence and reference from far and wide, Campbell deftly weaving between acid house and techno while making some vital pit stops at new age, electro and breakbeat along the way.

EP opener ‘The Right Zone’ sets up its stall with ethereal tones that glissade up and down before a distant kick and driving bassline open up the space. Texture plinks and otherworldly sounds add material to the soundscape as syncopated roland claps and hats begin to set the pace. Campbell begins to overdrive her samples, adding immediacy to the track as glitching claps rise out of the mix – it sets the bed for the central motif, coming in the shape of a dark vocaloid voice that calls out into the ether as low-resonance 303 basslines squelch amongst the toms.

The OG EP is out November 3rd on Good Company Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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