If-Only favourites Ruf Dug and Dutch producer Marcel Vogel have, rather excitingly, chosen to combine their respective powers for the first official release of the New Year by UK label Tusk Wax. Set for release on January 8th, TW23 revolves around two original cuts assembled by the aforementioned duo on the A-side, with a colossal and infectious remix of the EP’s musical centrepiece ‘You Are The One’ on the flip. Mugwump and DC Salas have been drafted in to deliver their own vision of this memorable tune – have a listen below to hear the compelling results.

Offering up some rave psychedelia of the highest order, Mugwump and D.C. Salas retain the brooding vocals of the original mix, whilst simultaneously broadening the scope of the tune and extending the proceedings, so as to craft a 10-minute cosmic odyssey. Giving themselves ample space in which they can manoeuvre, the producers take listeners on a hallucinatory journey that drives along at an unrelenting pace, and ultimately proves to be an electronic remix of the absolutely highest order.

TW23 is out soon on Tusk Wax – pre-order the vinyl here.

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