With a keen focus on the often misunderstood output of 1980s Italy, latest treasure to be excavated from the Mothball Record casket of gems is a full-length album by pioneering artists of the Italian New Wave, Ruins. Starting out in late ’70s Venice, Ruins were interdisciplinary artists, combining music, painting and film and collaborating with painters, photographers and film-makers across their creative endeavours. Sadly, much lot of what they produced has been lost over time, but seeing light for the first time since being self-released on cassette in 1983, fifteen-tracker Side Roads is the latest offering to emerge from the Mothball production line.

Re-titled as New Record, the band channel something alluring but also uncanny and unnerving on the album. Take closing cut ‘Tomorrow’, where pitter-patter drum patterns reminiscent of footsteps paint the picture of a stroll beneath a rainforest canopy. Processed birdsong squawks through the mix and the exploratory soundscape is initially hard to place. Conjuring a synthetic tropical scene, it’s a timeless discovery from the past’s future.

New Record is out soon on Mothball Record – pre-order the vinyl here.

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