Wetlands is a labour of love: the product of eternities, lodged in the archive of a half-imagined Antipodean Space Agency. Rowan Mason (Sanpo Disco/Recurring Dream) and Tony Remple (Musique Plastique) plumb the depths on our behalf, presenting a dynamic survey of off-world oddities, C/O Australian polymath, Sam Mallet. Mallet was, himself, an outlier: one who forsook the respectable conventions of the academy, in service of the cosmic topographies residing in his mind’s ear. Despite passing away in 2014, appearances on last year’s Midday Moon (released on Bedroom Suck Records), and Left Ear Records’ Antipodean Anomalies have seen his influence bleed and proliferate across the universal consciousness.

’40 Day Desert Voodoo’ coolly interpolates the work of veteran voyagers, Eno and Hassell, setting a ballistic trajectory for the nth world. The track opens with a chorus of sweeping, overlaid glissandi, computing red-shifted microtextures as they swell and pulsate. Against the glow of rapidly-oxidising propellant, half-rendered Fata Morgana rise up and evaporate, radiating early sci-fi lysergia and a welcome dose of proto-tech garishness. With orbital velocity achieved, our craft slips the surly bonds of Earth, and rolls on: silent; bound for the outer rim.

Wetlands is out October 18th on Musique Plastique/Recurring Dream – pre-order here.

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