Sano struts back on to Public Possession with a proud clutch of tracks which joyfully examine and modify Champeta soundsystem culture. Continuing his Latino Body Music series which made its first appearance towards the end of last year, Vol 2 shuffles and saunters with rude confidence, drawing complex syncopation through sequencers and samplers and marrying them to the traditional chanting which echoes through Champeta. The release explores and updates the South American tradition further, broadening the vocabulary of each track with a hopeful electric organ motif on ‘Tecnopop’, a squelching 303-bassline or precision placed electronic swoops, chirps and growls. Exemplary is the commanding and infectious ‘El Juancho’ which struts proudly, the Columbian toasting wryly urging the acid groove along under that unrelenting snare. It’s a bare and simple combination of elements, and through clever pacing and arrangement become way more than a sum of their parts, inviting you to fall through its vibrant chirpiness into a state of trance.

Sano is based in Barcelona and has strong ties to Cómeme (he’s also part of Rionegro with bossman Matias Aguayo) and now Public Possession. Hasta Abajo, the first volume of Latino Body Music, did extremely well and now goes for very healthy prices on Discogs, so this is absolutely worth your time.

Latino Body Music Vol 2 is out October 16th on Public Possession – pre-order the vinyl here.

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