Discos Capablanca once again assume the role of sonic springboard for the Hong Kong-born, UK-based producer, Scott Young. An “intimate ode to the United Kingdom,” Ket City finds the Born Free and Opal Tapes artist harnessing the raw, hazy energy of a delirious night out under the influence.

Rhythmic sirens act as a punctuating, driving force on the dissociative excursion into abstract electronics that is Young’s aptly-titled B1. Slowly unfolding, the Born Free and Opal Tapes artist embellishes the spirit of the 12″ as a whole with his disjointed soundscape; a fractured, haunting transmission from an uncanny realm. Immerse yourself now in these murky waters.

Ket City is out February 14th on Discos Capablanca – pre-order here

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