Glasgow has a reputation for pushing rough cut dance tracks, but the city’s remit doesn’t end there. Dabbling in the weird and wonderful, Invisible, Inc. have been busy forging their own path. Rolling out releases indebted to the sounds of the 70s and 80s, GK Machine aka Gordon Mackinnon’s label pushes its own distinctive brand of spacey psychedelia alongside krautrock-inspired synth jams and post-punk leaning workouts.

Conceived as a platform for Mackinnon’s own productions, the label quickly outgrew those modest ambitions. Now Invisible, Inc. are preparing a seventh release, courtesy of Los Angeles-based cosmic voyager, Secret Circuit, with opener ‘Gothic Rainbow’ setting the mood immediately. Just hit the play button and you’re plunged into a subaqueous environment. Built on a foundation of muffled bass drones and slow, water-drip atmospheres, it isn’t long before things mutate from watery monochrome to luxuriant technicolour.

The infectious hook is presented in several different guises. First in the form of an understated bassline, it bubbles just beneath the surface before being replaced by swathes of iridescent synth, and finally, the reverb-heavy guitar wails that feature prominently throughout the Secret Circuit back catalogue. Each injects colour until ‘Gothic Rainbow’ spills over its own edges, blurring the lines of the producer’s vibrant palette. Elements mingle to create a heady, cosmic soup, undulating as if an oversized crouton had been cast into its centre. Didn’t anyone ever teach him to colour between the lines?

Higher Planes Drifter is out on April 11th – pre-order the vinyl direct from the label.

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