Erwan Sene is about to drop his next record with Unknown Precept, the Berlin label synonymous with brutal yet sensual techno releases and self-described as an outlet for “Grotesque Music”. Entitled I Heard You Laughing, the contemporary visual artist, sculptor and music maker’s impending release accommodates abstracted narratives for each of its five tracks. Mechanical and calculable, the record is laced with a cutting Parisian irony.

Just as its title ‘Et Cætera’ might suggest, the second track bounces along a neglected industrial wasteland with a machine-like groove, slowed down, grinding and bubbling. Further rendering the Latin meaning of “other similar things” or “and so forth,” Sene conceptually questions the predictability of carbon copy rave music, deconstructing what it even means to be listening to his record, whilst you are listening to it. Meta.

I Heard You Laughing is out August 6th on Unknown Precept – pre-order direct from the label.

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