Originally released on San Francisco-based Visible Records in ’94, The Delph EP reminds us that there’s more to ambient house than lolling on the sofas of Heaven’s White Room. Remixed and repressed by Transmigration, this record is classic chill-out aesthetics built atop a psychedelic foundation.

As Seofon, Jeffrey Kihn is one half of the Ambient Temple of Imagination. And while The Orb were playing chess on the Top of the Pops, ATOI was busy propping open the Bay Area’s third eye through sonic experimentation and ritual use of magic and sound. It is music that blows your mind to the edge of infinity. Delicately spun on gossamer pads and singing bowl refrains, ‘Prota-Rmx’ owes more to Aphex than Frippertronics but still soars with authentic psychonaut credentials. It comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, riding along on a möbius strip of endless permutations.

The Delph EP is out September 9th on Transmigration – pre-order here.

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