Bruno Silva’s latest release puts some distance between the prolific Portuguese producer and the Ondness moniker he’s best known for. It isn’t a total departure, however. We don’t get any of Not Really Now Not Any More‘s mutant dub or the pointilist IDM heard on Meio Que Sumiu, but the tripped out qualities that have been ever-present since 2013’s Where To Now debut reign supreme once more.

Operating under his Serpente alias, Irmãs‘ drum-fuelled psychedelia manifests as a consciousness-expanding exercise in percussive arrangement. As the same motifs recur over a pair of 17-minute tracks, ‘Para Celeste’ in particular demonstrates Silva’s ability to manipulate austere elements into something truly immersive.

Irmãs is out February 19th on Alien Jams | Pre-order here

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