You might know Palto Flats for it high profile reissues of Japanese classics by Midori Takada, Yasuaki Shimizu and Mariah, but the latest release is a meeting of minds in Wilted Woman and Silvia Kastel. If those early excavations releases are the ornamental Eastern antiques sitting upon the label’s discographic mantlepiece, Shakey barges into the living room with a hammer ready to make an expensive mess.

The EP’s first three tracks (including our selection, ‘Crayscandens’) resemble the dissonant art rock of The Residents or Fred Frith; at times, it’s as though multiple YouTube browser tabs are open at once, all simultaneously blaring. The rhythms stall and jolt like a dislocated shoulder repeatedly ejected and popped back into place. On the remaining two songs, they rearrange the letters of techno to form an indecipherable anagram, cutely referencing digi-dub and jungle. The latter comes as no surprise following Wilted Woman’s recent collab with Christoph De Babalon, whose deconstructive approach is palpable throughout the EP. Long may these surreal, Shakey beginnings continue.

Shakey is out now on Palto Flats | Buy it here

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