Shamos debuts on SZE with a collection more accommodating and varied than previous releases, but still loaded with his recognisable off-kilter, close weirdness.

The release on his own Role Models label, I Can Think Of Nothing Else But This Machine, followed close in the footsteps of his offerings for Apron and Manchester’s Youth, but if anything magnified his character – unfettered, experimental, dreamlike, personal; washed out and woozy, sometimes tense and sometimes menacing. Sitting comfortably alongside Delroy Edwards and Funkineven, the Curl collective – a meeting spot between ketty hip-hop and tape deck EBM, lo-fi industrial with a synth-centric bent and samplistic techno.

So the SZE release has with it these same sensibilities but is perhaps more willing for the dance. It’s still unconventional drum patterns which are diverting and engaging, still growling-to-glowing-to-squelching synths, the production still giving the music a very live feel. The biggest difference seems to be the space, the airiness allowed on a couple of the tracks; whilst ‘DDB’ and ‘NYNM’ still exhibits Shamos’s raw, nervous, claustrophobic energy, a bit more headroom is given on ‘RFT’ and closer ‘Unusual Pictures’ – which is our premiere.

It’s a broken, creaking, groaning groove; laid-back and layered; yawning, misty-eyed machine-funk – nearly low-bit Balearic, but still characteristically ear-bending in parts.

This Life is out May 18th on SZE – pre-order direct from the label.

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