Shelter has released an intriguing stream of music over the last couple of years, and his new EP titled Chipo Sounds, to be released on Camisole Records, lives up to the mark. The Parisian’s music is sun kissed and light-filled. This record eases listeners to life, like an alarm clock within your dreams.

Shelter, aka Alan Briand, is known for soaking up a rich melange of influences, ranging from Japanese synth and zouk to Balearic, library and ambient. Also responsible for designing the bold minimalist artwork on the sleeve, Briand exhibits a fusion of styles perhaps informed by his rich cultural surroundings provided by his day job at the renowned Paris Record store, L’international. Briand has previously noted in a interview on Metron Record’s site that his design process follows a similar pathway to production, copying elements and mirroring many influences. This results in the listener noticing familiar chord progression and melody that are also unique and different at the same time.

‘Chipo Sleep’ is made up of calming synths and chimes, gently brushing over you as if you are in a deep rest, stirred only by warm mountain air and a sense of familiarity. Shelter always manages to master the art of melody, once again succeeding in creating a sublime record that transports you from the day to day.

Chipo Sounds is out soon on Camisole Records  – pre-order direct from the label.

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