We declared the inaugural BRUK Records release a “glitched-out masterpiece” last April. FFT blew the doors off pronto with a sensational double-fold outing, and like a fine wine, BRUK have left it to mature and evolve with time. The listener is encouraged to listen and pay attention, rather than navigate the classic Netflix-scroll across a cluttered discography, and rightly so.

Objectively speaking, if you were into its predecessor, it’s impossible to be let down by the label’s sophomore release. Titled Temperatura, the BRUK crew have sourced a rapidly gorgeous piece of sonic erotica courtesy of Mexican producer and NAAFI mainstay Siete Catorce.

Temperatura orbits a segment of the cosmos where glinting forms of techno-abstraction and Latin-flavoured futurism seem to be flowering. The lambent textures and emotions tied within seem ubiquitous with scenes captured so well by the likes of Príncipe, which is a big compliment.

Opening track ‘Derretido’ is industrial-tinged club hybridism from the top drawer, and it’s easy to find yourself in awe of the fantastic deep chords, melodic chops and rhythmic climaxes. Drink this antivenin!

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