Get up to much last night? Find yourself calling in the shots? Naota Matsuda, AKA SJ Tequilla, has just the tonic. A massaging cut lifted from his Craigie Knowes debut, ‘The Day After’ will guide you through the headaches and nausea like a warm embrace – think of it as the sonic equivalent to someone stroking your hair while telling you “everything’s going to be okay.” After all, you’d like to think anyone adopting a high-proof spirit as their alias knows how to negotiate a hangover.

Unlike its dancefloor-facing counterparts elsewhere on the record, the track represents a curveball from the Glasgow label’s typical output. Awash with spatial effects and liberated from any discernible sense of place, Matsuda appears to draw from Hiroshi Yoshimura‘s new age ambience and the Fourth World explorations of Jon Hassell and Brian Eno. An undulating, percolating elixir, perfect for overcoming the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Sanya is out now on Craigie Knowes – buy it here

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