Not to be confused with British-American hip hop pioneer Slick Rick, Houz’Mon, AKA Slick Master Rick, is a bonafide originator of the ghetto house sound. Best known for his work on Dance Mania, the Chicago-born producer is often overlooked in discussions over who helped pioneer the much-maligned genre, but on close inspection, his influence is undeniable – story has it he even pushed DJ Funk to release his first record.

In an effort to elevate Houz’Mon to the pantheon of Chi-Town dance music royalty, Midnight Shift has assembled a trio of unreleased Tascam recordings circa 1987-1988 along with a re-release of his ‘Halloween House’ track for the label’s final outing of 2018. Released under the pseudonym ‘Slick Master Rick’, ‘Nightmare’ is a no-frills, acid-fuelled workout complete with an assist from fellow Dance Mania alumni and Windy City native Jammin Gerald. Achieving perfect harmony between 303 and percussion, this isn’t the brash, anthemic sort of bomb so synonymous with ghetto house, but something equally potent in its own right.

Factory Jack Muzik (1987-1998) is out December 3rd on Midnight Shift – pre-order direct from the label.

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