Threaded along the B1 from Too Smooth Christ’s Fuego International debut nestles this warm, tublar, ambient number. A coy, always evasive fall into a thicket of tangled grooves, barbed bass swells and stumbled-upon misty clearings. ‘Wandering In The Woods Of Mind’ plays out like the haunted forest level of your favourite 8-bit side scroller, the chip-tuned voices from nature, chirp and squawk in the dark trees around you as you helter-skelter forward, following a bread crumb trail of collapsing synth lines.

Elsewhere the Emogreen Thoughts EP bangs, but the B is definitely reserved for reflection. It takes on a more eerie, dreamy tone. Detuned and spun slow and reclining, ‘Wandering In The Woods Of Mind’ is an eyeballs to the wall staring match with a great, big, grinning Cheshire Cat. It sounds vivid and inviting while it curls up around your shoulders and zig zags run through its eyes. Tread carefully with this one.

Emogreen Thoughts is out April 9th on Fuego International – pre-order the vinyl here.

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