The sound of Brutaż isn’t easy to pin down – off-kilter and unconventional yet still familiar, the releases often edged coherently with thoughtful sincerity or lively wackiness without blinking. Solpara arrives on the label with four diverse tracks which have that same flexible confidence – deft and detailed, the tracks rise from the suspenseful dub groove of Artichokes, which moodily shifts its weight like an old Sabres tune holding back the fact, but more downcast.

We rise through the soft engine of ‘Time Until The Station’. Breezy and sentimental, the floaty electronica keys ebb and waft above ticking hi-hats and gently shattered vocal fragment, woven into the washing machine rhythm, detailed with the syncopated acid creak/synth blips. On ‘Thoughts Of A Schism,’ wonky breakbeat is filled with dread by distressed gong and dead-eyed mantra, coated in the same brushed static running throughout the record, adding a fizz to the cymbals, filling any space with steam.

‘Breeze’ is ours to show – a fully charged rush, nine minutes are spent gleefully immersed in the full-tilt dense percussion, pitched and complex, building from hissing techno with tribalistic flair into strained breakcore. It’s shot through with energy, we gawkily traipse up and down a fretboard, or keyboard with mallets bashing out some kind of rhythmic/melodic refrain. Not quite sure what it is, but it moves.

Woda Rózana is out soon on Brutaż – pre-order here.

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