Dutch label You’re Everything You’ve Ever Heard (or yeyeh) is a new home for curated esoterica and listening music – the debut release handpicked tracks from the collaborative canon of Dutch poet-laureate Simon Vinkenoog and producer Spinvis, drawing from their albums Ritmebox (2006) and Ja! (2008). It has the same weird energy as a Holger Czukay record, or even something by Art of Noise or Pyrolator.

The other side of the figurative ‘yeyeh’ coin is ‘ninih’ – the night to their day, the synthetic to their organic. It will focus on more club-ready releases, the first being a response to the Ja & Ritmebox Compilatie phrased in remixes from fellow Dutch countrymen Oceanic and Max Abysmal, and Japan’s Sapphire Slows. The record will also host the untouched ‘Leef Met Plezier’, which didn’t appear on the original compilation.

Ours is Max Abysmal’s version of ‘Spiegel’, in which he takes the tense, sparse original and tightens it, flaring the intensity of the drone and the vitality of the drums into a psycho-ritual theme, remembering African Head Charge, the tribal side of the Arrythmia comps, or Toulouse Low Trax – see also PWOG, perhaps Andy Rantzen and Wolf Müller.

Ja! & Ritmebox Remixes is out November 26th on ninih – pre-order the vinyl here.

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