Sports Casual lands on nascent imprint Exotic Robotics, tranquillising listeners into a state of euphoric ease before enthralling them with rollicking, primal drums, spacey squelches and fluctuating tones. A debut for the little-known Londoner, two original and genuinely delicious jams are joined by a remix that undergoes numerous mutations over its lengthy duration, courtesy of DJ Fett Burger.

Taking on ‘Interplanetary Jazz’, Fett’s comically titled ‘Grazy Slope in Saalabach Mix’ traverses some truly bizarre terrain. It’s very much an amorphous, evolving and significantly eventful cut: alongside intermittent vocal samples, there are touches of guttural bass music, infectious acid adventures, the pulsating momentum of great house and techno, and more. Its sprawling central melody comes in for one last ride, just as the Sex Tags co-founder draws things to a memorable close. Where the original tracks have replay value for days, Fett Burger’s joyously unstable remix will disorientate dancefloors with its unpredictability. Casual as f*ck m8.

EXOTIC001 is out March 16th on Exotic Robotics – pre-order the vinyl here.

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