The Inside Out Records ensemble are on course for release of the evil twin package to Steve Pepe’s Vivere In Diagonale, an LP risen out of the Italian artists’s newfound musical philosophy. With label friends and alumni in attendance, the likes of heavy-weight producers Eva Geist (Macadam Mambo) and Tolouse Low Trax leave their signatory finger print smears in places, and where the original rewards with harmonic textures and spell-binding melodies, the reworked LP leaves various bite marks scattered over the body.

Within the weirdo, musical parameter we often find ourselves in here at HQ, Detlef Weinrich – the Salon des Amateuers co-founder responsible for Toulouse Low Trax – deserves the unveiling of a musical plaque of some kind to just commemorate all the straight-up-talking, no-ego-high-grade music out put he’s always dispensing – it seems infinite! Whoever tasked the Düsseldorf native to do a ‘carpet remix’ of ‘Marcia’ was spot on, and ‘carpet’ is a fitting term to describe it. Cruise control set at a quintessentially Salon-esque 80 BPM, drowsy at the wheel, and clueless as to which direction Detlef intends to take you at 4 AM. Demonstrating once again why high-tempo isn’t everything.

Vivere in Diagonale remixed is out December 4th on Inside Out Records | Pre-order here

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