Strahinja Arbutina‘s music definitely ranks among some of the most challenging we have featured to date. Debuts for esteemed labels like Bliq and Bank Records NYC set the precedent, while Low Income $quad – the imprint he co-runs alongside SZCH and Igor Cvitkovic – serves as a meeting point for some of the most adventurous minds about. We knew he had a fondness for unfettered, monolithic techno and distorted electronics, but a debut for Out Of Order sees the Croatian producer at his most punishing. As its title suggests, the 6-track cassette, My Stench Against Yours, is beyond putrid.

Driven by its all-enveloping and immersive sound design, ‘Double Negative’ is a maelstrom of noise so heavily overdriven, you can barely make out the pummelling kick drum that is so often the cornerstone of Arbutina’s music. If we could hear in space, this is probably what it would sound like to be caught in the midst of a violent supernova.

My Stench Against Yours is out November 13th on Out Of Order – pre-order direct from the label.

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