Following a prolific 2 years that saw the likes of Secret Circuit and Zoovox swell the ranks, Invisible Inc. kick off 2017 with yet another debutant in Strange Culture. As we’ve come to expect from the Glaswegian label, it’s a synth-heavy affair, offering 4 drowsy excursions that provide a first glimpse into the kaleidoscopic world this little-known producer inhabits.

In a face-off between 2 vintage synths, ‘Transfer Lounge’ advances with an intoxicating ebb and flow. Between half-time drums and a snaking Jupiter 4 arpeggio, the soporific touches feel as if they might spill over if they weren’t held at bay with a shimmering kosmische synthscape, courtesy of Roland’s successor, the Jupiter 8. Then, in the dying stages, the elder statesman finds a second wind, engulfing all surrounding elements before vanishing into the ether like a fading nebula.

The Sublimed EP is out February 27th on Invisible Inc. – pre-order direct from the label.

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