Forthcoming as the second release from Of ParadiseStratton‘s Smelling Salts contains four potent house tracks that, when unbottled, are capable of arousing consciousness on any fading dancefloor. There’s a lot to love here too. A cornucopia of references and ideas, borrowing from breaks, acid house, jack and piano house, it feels like a modern take on those influences, rather than a direct land grab for their sounds.

The B-sides opening offering ‘Scrabble Dub’ begins with high-register ’90s piano house stabs that are laced with a satisfyingly minimal amount of flanger, giving the piece some binaural movement. A countermelody further down the keyboard sets the tone for the drop as the drums and shakers rush in. Tinkering around the edges of acid, ‘Scrabble Dub’ introduces a subdued 303 bass riff that embellishes without overpowering.

Smelling Salts is out February 10th on Of Paradise – pre-order the vinyl here.

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