SVN’s newest release is absent of anything that could be described as a “song”. A double-vinyl album on Brian Not Brian and Salik’s Going Good label, each of the fourteen sketches seems to end too soon, fading out as quickly as they impress upon you. They are smoked-out vignettes, allowing you to poke your head around the door of the SUED co-founder’s studio, but that is all. Nevertheless, these jams with their evocative melodies and peerless delicacy still manage to worm their way in.

‘Codertrax.Seq.X’ typifies this feeling. Topped with dusty, gossamer synths, it sounds like a lost Conny Plank experiment of the krautrock era, ticking and rolling to a motorik pulse. And it is the analog synth sounds that truly define this release, the album’s title reinforcing it as an ode to the German’s machines.

SVN has achieved an intimacy with his electronics over the years, and it reaches pure synergy on Mechine. As with his previous releases, everything sounds soft, warm and melt-in-the-middle, like bread left to rise. And that’s what these “tracks” are: snapshots of a work in progress, always leavening, always developing in flavour.

Mechine is out June 5th on Going Good | Pre-order here

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