The roots of electro run deep, nearly forty years deep, the genre’s arresting sound having its genesis on the streets of urban North America in the late ’70s and early ’80s, by way of Germany (Kraftwerk) and Japan (Yellow Magic Orchestra). Many have been quick to proclaim an electro revival in recent years, typified by the DJ sets of Helena Hauff, the newly-found interest in the works of Drexciya or Dopplereffekt, and even minimal DJs like Binh dropping deep electro cuts. But it never really went away. London-based electro label Cultivated Electronics has spent the last ten years pushing these “dark and twisted” sonics, and now it’s celebrating a decade in the game with an EP of collaborations between label boss Sync 24 and scene luminaries including Radioactive Man and Jensen Interceptor.

‘Tri-gate’ finds Sync 24 hooking up with UK techno noisenik Truss for a muscular electro workout with bass weighty enough to grab you by the throat, and dizzying 808 breaks to put your head in a spin. It’s a paranoiac soundscape with vocal smears and interference, driving you through a futuristic urban darkness in the way only good electro can, without ever being formulaic or predictable. The old cliche is true – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but to that we might add: just keep pushing it to its limits. Truss and Sync 24 are certainly doing that. 

Ten Year Electronics is out soon on Cultivated Electronics – pre-order the vinyl here.

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