Erected as “a safe haven for two friends to create and explore,” Tambo’s House is both a hub for playful rhythmic experimentation and place to indulge in Eastern exotica. Conjuring up their sonic interpretation of an electrified dancefloor, the eponymous debut will inaugurate the newly formed Vulcan Venti imprint later this month.

With ‘Eep!’, the duo deliver a sweltering slow burn, closing the EP with the duelling motifs of an ascending synth arpeggio and fidgeting bassline that compete for space at the front of the mix. Somehow though, it’s the cowbell that presides over everything else. Pretty much the only constant as the accompanying elements remain in a state of flux, it provides the bedrock as truncated vocals, chirruping electronics and an assortment of rainforest atmospherics coalesce beneath the groove.

Tambo’s House is out September 25th on Vulcan Venti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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