Twenty-seven years on since its initial release, the long-awaited repress of Holy Ghost Inc’s EP Walk on Air is scheduled to drop on Isle Of Jura Records. Responsible for the re-releases of Escape of New York’s EP Fire in My Heart and Brian Bennett’s seminal cosmic disco LP, Voyage, the fourth release on the label helmed by Adelaide’s Kevin Griffith’s will feature two additional unreleased mixes which, to no doubt, will be the soundtrack to the coming summer.

What’s there to say about the seminal work released back in 1990 on the group’s own label, Holy Ghost Inc? For starters, the ‘Sun & Moon Mix’ is an undisputed classic, a staple pride for those playing the early hours of the morning. Considering the prices that the original EP has been commanding the past few years, its reissue is bound to shift some copies.

Also known as the Parallel Brothers and Moonmaidens, Gary Griffith and Leon Thomson created an unparalleled and highly influential piece of electronic music, all those years ago, drawing on all manner of influences spanning the spirit of the energetic experimental philosophy of new wave and the newly emerged house sounds. For a label that seems to draw your mind to a duty-free favourite Scotch, based on the island of its namesake, Isle of Jura have absolutely nailed the selection once again with this repress. The ‘Unreleased Dub 2’ is a fresh spin on a classic: with its cleverly incorporated breakbeat patterns and breaks, the track sounds more like the experimental sounds which dominated club and radio space circa 95–98, five years later from the time of the original release.

Walk On Air is out June 2nd on Isle Of Jura – pre-order the vinyl here.

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