The next record on Hell Yeah Recordings has its genesis in a serotonin-fuelled night out in Wandsworth, London. It was on that decisive evening that Hell Yeah boss and Balearic Gabba Sound System founder Marco “peeDoo” Gallerani caught an inspirational set from David Holmes, setting the wheels in motion for his gaze to fall upon long time Holmes collaborator, Gary Irwin (AKA The Vendetta Suite). Gallerani would eventually reach out to the Belfast native, only to discover a cache of unreleased material that has now been plundered for release.

The resulting EP is varied in style, offering up cosmic synth riffs, horizon-spanning ambient and in the case of ‘Shut Up Ya Dub!’, a liberal use of dub FX. Drawn-out and heady, loping drums add to the forward momentum and swathes of reverb fill the negative space as an understated acid line quivers beneath. Irwin might have spent much of his career in the background as a sound engineer, but tonnes of experience working with mixing desks and outboard effects has served him well.

The Solar Lodge 23 EP is out December 15th on Hell Yeah Recordings – pre-order direct from the label.

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