Moscoman, Benedikt Frey, Man Power and recent If-Only guests Heap and Mr. Ho are just a few of the names to grace ESP Institute in 2017. With Andy Hogge AKA Lovefingers steering the ship, it has grown into something nothing short of prolific, offering up curveball curiosities and exquisitely textured productions at an impressively steady rate.

With the bewitching sound palette Thunder Tillman keep to, it’s little surprise they have found a home on the Los Angeles label. Setting their stall out with genre-defying, globetrotting debut Jaguar Mirror, the sophomore release picks up where the enigmatic Swedish duo left off.

Blurred and tinkling, the psychedelic timbres transform opener ‘The Ridge To Catequil’ into something phantasmagoric and ritualistic. Like a lazy Balearic pleasure cruise after consuming a bowl of ayahuasca, it’s sensuously layered, with woody percussion adding spatial depth to the arrangement, laid down over radiant textures of choral ambience and captivating instrumentation.

Night School Of Universal Wisdom is out today on ESP Institute – buy it direct from the label.

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