Did you know Turkey has the highest trans murder rate in all of Europe? Probably not. Aiming increase national and international awareness, Ece Özel‘s Müstesna Records are gearing up to release a 25-strong artist compilation, with all proceeds going to the Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association-founded Eylül Cansın Trans Guest House in Istanbul. Boasting tracks from the likes of MR TC, Trenton Chase, Beesmunt Soundsystem and Alessandro Adrianio, it’s sure to raise plenty for an incredibly worthy cause.

Our pick, courtesy of Tolouse Low Trax, operates very much within the Salon Des Amateurs co-founder’s usual realm of ‘afro-baroque’ elegance. ‘Owasatan’ delivers a hypnotic and deliciously repetitive vibe, the 85 BPM tempo belies its sheer molecular energy and vibrancy. At its core there’s something quite primitive and simplistic at work, but this conjures much more than just the some of its parts, inviting listeners in with a mesmeric and hypnotic allure, demanding an immediate kinetic response from its subjects.

shelTer is out December 12th on Müstesna Records – pre-order here

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