Following tapes from Madteo and Marcellus Wallace, 2017 sees Origin Peoples take its first step into vinyl territory with a mini-album from Stockholm duo, Tommy Awards. Based in Los Angeles, the adventurous label are well acquainted with the Swedish multi-instrumentalists, having released the first and second instalments in their Sessions cassette trilogy. Inre Rymden picks up right where they left off, delving even further into the blissed-out palette over six tracks possessing an otherworldly allure present on previous efforts.

Like most its counterparts, ‘Rexy’s horizontal Balearica presents an evocative sonic vista. Tender, delicately woven melodies conjure images of idyllic sunsets and flowing water – that might sound cliché, but it feels apt after discovering their album was the product of a lakeside recording session. As one heartfelt guitar chord plateaus into the next, the track gains a noticeably fluid quality. Anchoring the weightless melodies, a low-slung groove acts like a pair cement boots, but even that achieves a gentle sense of perpetual motion in its loping cadence.

Inre Rymden is out June 16th on Origin Peoples – pre-order direct from the label.

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