As if sensing the world needed a nice, deep breath of clean, silly air, Paris label Ville Nouvelle swoops in with new compilation release, Le Hurlement Du Papillon. Nurturing that sweet and intoxicating scent of new age electronics hijinks over the last four years, Ville Nouvelle serves as a lovely jumping off point for artists now synonymous in this field, with contributions from the likes of Australia’s River Yarra, Vancouver’s Soft Fit and Kainté Kountix filling up the catalog.

A returning veteran, Parisian Too Smooth Christ eases the new collection in with ‘Element 1’. Maintaining a seriously industrious output, TSC squeezes out a characteristically cheeky electro-acoustic number, vocal synths and pitch bending galore. It’s hard not to think of French luminaries such as Jean-Jacques Perrey and Jean Michele Jarre as arpeggios flutter and pads swell. The homespun production and playfulness abound in the wide melancholia define much of the Ville Nouvelle output; a sort of spiritual provocation of various circuits from the comfort of one’s home.

Le Hurlement Du Papillon is out now on Ville Nouvelle – buy it here

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