Nostalgic keys bring up memories that have been clouded by the never ending rush of life. You sift through an array of hazy recollections in your mind and attempt to distinguish their surrounding events before an immense pressure makes it ever so hard to do so. As each element works its way into the next, distorted memories are extinguished with a singular fading key, falling to the back of your mind.

The third track on LD Fantasy Tracks, a release that represents Too Smooth Christ‘s solo Ville Nouvelle debut, ‘When’ is a charismatic movement of lo-fi percussion and uplifting keys. Structured to leave you hanging out for that ever powerful drop, which is subtlety placed through progressive layers of cymbal and drum, the short yet powerful track is made distinguishable through its ever-wonky bass synth.

LD Fantasy Tracks is out March 24th on Ville Nouvelle – pre-order direct from the label.

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