New Melbourne-based label Up North Records relish the bleak darkness in which artists like Nitzer Ebb, Chris and Cosey, SPK and Severed Heads occupy, gleefully putting out music unsettling and tense. The tapes reference the old experimental tapes which would do the rounds during the late ’80s, artists like We Be Echo and Escupemetralla springing to mind. Bondage, horrorcore, shock/gore-zine and grotesqueries, the releases sit well alongside older labels like Mute, IRRE Tapes, Mystery Hearsay and Beggars Banquet, and the newer influx of dirgey Europeans like Unknown Precept, Vastechoses and Pinkman’s industrial flex.

Their second release is a comp of worldwide machine freaks who draw on the weirdo noisy tape experiments; heavy, dense, distorted, not overly complicated yet still weighty. Sluggish industrial bleeding into manic postpunk and EBM; pinched and washed out under the filters but heavy in the punches. Our exemplary piece is Trenton Chase’s ‘Untitled 1’ – all paranoid, frantic, industrial bassline, fuzzing and squelching, whilst a taught, stressed drum machine on the brink of meltdown struggles to keep up.

Crime Violente Vol​.​1 is out April 25th on Up North Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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