It pays to expect the unexpected when Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois head to the press. The Macadam Mambo duo are oracles of esoterica – playfully weaving avant-garde sounds into contemporary dance music, the pair’s Lyon label is a gold mine for the heads among us.

Then there was Twoonky, AKA Michele and Simone Bornati. Italian experimentalists and the creative force behind Brescia’s Spettro venue, their debut album Dezzo is a wonky romp through the eighties, lingering in post-punk and industrial, there’s deep strangeness in this one. Enough to make a tripsitter of even the most steadfast Coil fan.

If what happens next isn’t obvious then a quick listen ought to fill you in. Closing the A-side, ‘Jasso’ spools out on a foreboding beat. In a long sideways glance at contemporary electronic culture, interstellar synth belies a gagged conversation punctuated by theremin-stick-urgency. Something is lurking beneath the surface here, and it’s waiting to break out. File under: dusty Thelemite machine funk.

Dezzo is out September 20th on Macadam Mambo – pre-order here.

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