Debut cassette Sunday Void saw Unknown Me test the waters, combining traditional Japanese timbres with ambient, new age and balearic moods, and achieving some truly captivating moments in the process. Exploring that same palette of sounds, the group comprised of Yakenohara, P-RUFF, H. Takahashi – who you may know for his meditative Where To Be – Vol.2 cassette on Where To Now – and art director Osawa Yudai have taken it a step further with the transportive followup. Out today on Californian label Not Not FunSubtropics presents a luxuriant suite of ambient tracks, conjuring images of cityscapes, rugged coastlines and idyllic garden settings throughout.

‘Time Practice (New Delhi)’ is like listening to Hiroshi Yoshimura on a strong tab of acid. White light is dispersed and a kaleidoscope of colour gets refracted across the undulating soundscape. Intertwining electronics shimmer brilliantly, winding slowly at first before a gradual acceleration in the symphony of trance-inducing sonics, as if reality was slowly bending at the will of an unseen force.

Subtropics is out today on Not Not Fun – buy it here.

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