Giving downtempo broken beats a modern balearic twist, the opener from Cosmic Tones compilation Montreal Pleiades comes off sounding not too dissimilar to early Wild Bunch material. The handiwork of URA DUST, a newly-formed collaboration between URA and Dust-e-1, ‘Dream’s dusty beat aesthetic and ethereal synth dreamscape coalesce to form a divine slice of cosmic tranquility.

With a somewhat fragile, mournful tone, ambient synths evoke the sound of the ocean, but before long, we capture glimpses of hope and a sense of utopian longing. Glacial choral pads rise, glimmering trance-like arps emerge and blissed-out melodies coalesce forming a sumptuously blissed out sound. It’s a sound that’s hard to place exactly, but one that exists somewhere on the venn diagram between IDM, celestial dub and forward-thinking Balearic.

Montreal Pleiades is out July 15th on Cosmic Tones – pre-order here.

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