Another fine document from Vastechoses comes out this month, back in the frame of lurka DIY and tweaked gloaming. Distorted Desires, the 17th release in the stack, is XL; longstanding accomplice and new blood combine for an expansive 22 tracks over four sides of tape – our friends Eindkrak and Antoine mingle with the less familiar Sons of Traders and Bugaled. It stomps, part high-density off-kilter gutterpunk, part frenetic Lynchian dysphonic smog, part deeper, darker, colder wave, part dub FX with heavy industrial/distortia trudge.

Our selection is Air LQD, making an overdue return to the site. With him on the track is UVB76, Parisian/paranoid percussionist. ‘Cypher’ is slow motion and gothy, humourless Memphis with throbbing industrial weight and eerie/gravelly incantation – uneasy in the twilight, like TWIII, Cabs, Coil and Cosey. 

Distorted Desires is out April 10th on Vastechoses – pre-order direct from the label.

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