It may now be autumn, but that doesn’t mean the world of music can’t see new life blossom in what has already come to pass. Here we see Detroit newcomer Val G delivers an exclusive cut from her upcoming EP, the second batch of material to be put out by Vanity Press Records. Following Julian Kendall’s inaugural release for the label, the Val G EP will consist of two original tracks and two edits: the premiere below sees her manipulate and modify the classic Nine Inch Nails tune ‘Closer’, a memorable single from the band’s seminal album The Downward Spiral.

With the inverted title of ‘Further’, Val G reworks the 1994 hit into a frenetic, visceral instrumental take, retaining much of the original track’s hypnotic appeal, albeit with some additional percussion lending a tumultuous edge to the proceedings. Rapid clicks and accompanying hi-hats add another dimension to the song’s central rhythm; ‘Further’ is a modernised, floor-friendly version of a twenty-two year old cornerstone of industrial rock.

The Val G EP will hit shops in late September – pre-order the vinyl from Redeye.

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