One of techno’s foremost outliers, Northern Electronics founder Jonas Rönnberg has rarely given two fucks what anyone else is doing. Formerly known as Varg, a cease and desist letter from a metal band of the same name might have prompted some to put up a fight, but Rönnberg seized an opportunity to stick two fingers up at anyone taking music too seriously. Now rising from the ashes in a cloud of weed smoke, he is born anew under the somewhat familiar alias, Varg2™.

This could be something of a blessing in disguise. It’s handed Rönnberg the opportunity to shed his skin, and emerging a comparatively fearless and chaotic iteration of his former self, the maelstrom of cybergoth aesthetics, darkroom intensity and anthemic melodic flourishes on the latest release appears to solidify his intention.

But is Fuck Varg just a statement, or a statement of intent? Going by track titles, the incident surrounding Rönnberg’s choice of alias further fuelled his misanthropic outlook, while that irresistible turbulence in the music gives the impression it was a cathartic process. Whether he stays on this path remains to be seen, but backed with the severe, searing and streamlined 140 BPM onslaught that is VTSS‘ remix, we hope to hear more in this vein. Varg is dead, long live Varg2™.

Fuck Varg is out December 12th on Northern Electronics

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